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Accounting refers to preparing and maintaining records. Accounts are made to record the financial transactions of the company. The one who understands the language of accounts better than anyone else is known as an accountant. An accountant is responsible for making and maintaining all the accounts. An account also refers to assets, liabilities, expenses, incomes and owner’s equity. Accounts maintenance begins from the journal. Journal entries are passed, transactions are posted in the ledger, the trial balance is maintained, statement of profit and loss is prepared, the balance sheet is made and finally cash flow statement is made. Accounts are usually prepared for one year which is known as financial year. In some countries, this financial year is equal to the calendar year whereas in few countries the same starts from some other month, for example in India financial year starts from the month of April and ends in March. Accounts are maintained by a business house because they are required by many users who are part of the organization directly or indirectly. Such as banks and financial institutions need information because they have given the loan to a company and they need to be sure if the organization will ever repay it along with interest or not. Accounting is an easy subject if once a student gets hold of the basics and methods. The most difficult part for an accounting student is to tally the balance sheet. In such case, even a small mistake proves to be a blunder. It is not easy for anyone to re-read the questions and find mistakes in the solution especially when both are lengthy. Moreover, students give more weightage to practical part rather than theory. Also, students at times do not attend the classes properly; they miss the lectures and fail to understand the subject. Students are not clear with the format of different accounts, balance sheet, etc. Accounts will not trouble you as long as our accounting homework help providers are here to help you out. The tutors are efficient and know the subject very well. They will not give you any chance to complain about things. They are accounting professionals with years of experience and know the subject inside out. They will not only help you in solving the questions but also make you understand the theoretical part and will be glad to give you guidance. They will assist you 24/7. 100% customer satisfaction is what we strive for. Therefore, you will be provided with your work as and when you want it. Let our tutors know about the problem and due date, you will be given the work on or before the due date. You can contact our customer service providers; they will guide you regarding our services. They will tell you about the quotations and get an answer to all your technical questions. To seek the assistance of our tutors, you can either fill the order form or you may send all the required details and guidelines via email. We will assign you one of our best tutors as per the topic is given by you.